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Unschooling Support and Mentorship

I mentor teenagers and parents who are transitioning into unschooling for the first time, as well as those feeling challenged along the journey.

When my daughter was in 9th grade, I helped her leave the traditional education that wasn’t serving her in order to create a new path that would. It was a tremendous and at times terrifying leap, for both of us. Blake’s role as Izzy’s mentor and champion, and thus inadvertently my own, grounded and informed our nascent steps as shirkers of all that was considered non-negotiable in our community (a 4.2 GPA, sky-high SATs, admission to an impressive college). As the months passed and I watched my previously depressed and disheartened child claim her full boldness and courage, Blake was the steady and encouraging presence that walked with her when she felt alone, encouraged her when she was full of doubt, and held her accountable when her noble path veered into back-to-back Netflix shows. Today, she’s stepped into her highest self. Blake was just what she needed to help her find her capacity to get there.

Kathleen Duich

Mill Valley, CA