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Gap Year Design & Support

Instead of joining an expensive program, I’ll help you custom-design an affordable and meaningful independent gap year—you’ll learn more, grow more, and save thousands in the process. I also offer ongoing support while you’re taking your gap year, helping you stay on track as a self-directed learner.

For ages 17-21: Graduating high school students, home/unschoolers, and college-aged young people who aren’t attending college


Check out these articles I’ve written about gap years and related topics:

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Finally, watch this short video where I explain the idea of postponing college to take a gap year, though I don’t use that term. (This talk took the first place award at the event!)


College Prep & Portfolios

For non-traditionally prepared teenagers thinking seriously about 4-year college, I offer concrete guidance that will enable you to continue following your interests while also preparing for competitive college admissions. I also design beautiful portfolios that tell your educational story in a clear and compelling way.

For ages 15-21: Home/unschoolers & alternative school students


Example portfolioa portfolio I built for a college-bound 16-year-old in 2018.

Grab a copy of my first book, College Without High School: A Teenager’s Guide to Skipping High School and Going to College, online or at your local library. (Yes, I literally “wrote the book” on this subject.) 🙂

Here are some of my podcast interviews related to college:

Unschooling Support

For teenagers beginning their unschooling journey (or continuing it) I offer inspirational coaching to help you make the most of your freedom and opportunities. Since 2010 I’ve served as long-term coach to over a dozen unschooling teens and short-term coach to hundreds more.

For ages 13-17: Home/unschoolers, both brand-new & long-time


Check out Launchpad, the email-based online course that I created for self-directed teens wanting to sharpen their goal-setting, motivation, and accountability.

Here are a few articles I’ve written about homeschooling and unschooling:

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Parent Coaching

Indie parents are resourceful, self-directed, and autonomous—yet even they can sometimes benefit from outside guidance. While I don’t have kids myself, my 200+ weeks of running programs for highly independent 14- to 21-year-olds gives me a unique perspective on how help your child transition from home into the world.

For parents of all ages and stages.


Parents, learn more about me by reading this profile, listening to this interview, and perusing my personal website.

To get a sense of my educational philosophy, read this article: What Does it Mean to Be Educated?

Here are some of my podcast interviews with parents (who are also advocates for self-directed learning):

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