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Hi, I’m Blake, the Indie Guidance Counselor.

For more than a decade, I’ve coached self-directed, non-conformist, and independent young people (and their parents) through challenges related to unschooling, motivation, and transitioning to adulthood.
My rate is $150/hour. I invite you reach out to get things started. Learn more about me at

Your work with my son has been paramount in his young adult growth and development. What stood out for me were the stories you shared of specific experiences that spoke directly to his own heart and life. The humor, lightness and laughter you weave into the support sessions you offer is also a great gift.

Laura C.

Ashland, OR

Blake has done an amazing job inspiring my 16-year-old daughter. He custom-designed lessons filled with unique articles, websites, books, and field assignments to help her further explore her dreams. Through this, she found what motivates her and is passionately pursuing her dreams now. Thank you, Blake!

Sarah M.

San Jose, CA

Our son Ben is 17 and has known Blake as a wonderful mentor and friend for four years. To us as parents, Blake has offered his insights given his experience working with young adults, and shared ideas with us related to opportunities and adventures for Ben. We’ve been impressed with his inspirational mentoring skills, sometimes serious and sometimes playful, yet always with the goal of meeting the needs of the young adults he works with.

Marcia & Don M.

Edmonds, WA

The Blake Boles I’m aware of as an author, a long-distance walker, a foreign traveler, a mountain climber, and many other worthwhile things seems like exactly the person to learn from in a leadership program. He’s open-minded, interested in everything, courageous, and passionately committed to individual development. I would expect good things to happen for young people who had the good fortune to hang out with Blake for a while.

John Taylor Gatto

New York State Teacher of the Year

A few places my work and I have appeared:

A few of the places my work and I have appeared